Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I hope to complete the 23 Mobile Things and learn what apps and tools are available for the ipad.
23 Mobile Things is getting me back into this blog I created for 23 things.  It will be interesting to see what apps and tools this program will recommend for use on my ipad.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thing 15. Online Games and Libraries

Games and computers are just natural together. Personally I have not gotten into the games that are played across the world like second life but I have watched my son play and it's ok. it does take a lot of time so a person does need their own limits for each session. Second life looks like the kind of game I would get into if I had a better computer at home. currently I enjoy doing on line jigzaw puzzles in the evening, but even with those a slow computer can be frustrating. If the kids are in this world then I guess we do need to help then all get there which means letting kids play games on the library computers. The most annoying and humorous part of kids gaming at the library are the ones who have the headphones on but then talk to their friends in a loud voice. It is a different way of playing but ok.

LibraryThing #14

This site looks like something I could use personally for my home collection of craft books and for my husbands collection of books. I could also see using this with the quilt guilds books or a church library.
Our library does include the current new titles from Library thing on the website.

Thing 13. Online Productivity Tools

I do not find the customized homepages useful for me. I would find that much stuff in front of me all the time distracting from work. I can see that some of it would be helpful for the front desk staff as they ask some of the same simple questions often (weather). But I prefer to just bookmark the pages for the information and open it when needed.
I had fun adding the countdown to my blog and see how easy it is to include it. with more time it would be fun to look at some of the other gadgets.
I currently use the google online calender with other staff. It helps a lot to kept track of tasks and to know when to schedule things without having to call first as I can see quickly if the staff member in another city is available for a meeting or even to answer the phone.
the new computers have sticky notes and I am finding those fun to use and helpful.
I am and alway have been a list maker but don't see the need to signup for a website that does what a blank sheet of paper/new document can also do.

thing 12

No, I do not Digg? Just a quick look through the four sites suggested makes me think of gossip. that this is just a new way to spread gossip. Who really has time to go through this stuff? I find that a quick look at the online front page of two newspapers is more then enough for me. Half of what I find interesting about newspapers are the ads, the little extras of local life. I would rather spend my time knitting and listening to the news then too much computer time. (my tv chair is more comfortable then the computer chair).

Delicious Thing 11

I have signed up for delicious and can see that it would be an interesting tool to use at work now that I have 3 computers going. the main computer, the new computer (which I am being slow to transfer stuff too) and the laptop. As I travel I can see how having my frequently used bookmarks available when I use a hotel computer, etc.
this will take time to explore