Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thing 15. Online Games and Libraries

Games and computers are just natural together. Personally I have not gotten into the games that are played across the world like second life but I have watched my son play and it's ok. it does take a lot of time so a person does need their own limits for each session. Second life looks like the kind of game I would get into if I had a better computer at home. currently I enjoy doing on line jigzaw puzzles in the evening, but even with those a slow computer can be frustrating. If the kids are in this world then I guess we do need to help then all get there which means letting kids play games on the library computers. The most annoying and humorous part of kids gaming at the library are the ones who have the headphones on but then talk to their friends in a loud voice. It is a different way of playing but ok.

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