Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thing 13. Online Productivity Tools

I do not find the customized homepages useful for me. I would find that much stuff in front of me all the time distracting from work. I can see that some of it would be helpful for the front desk staff as they ask some of the same simple questions often (weather). But I prefer to just bookmark the pages for the information and open it when needed.
I had fun adding the countdown to my blog and see how easy it is to include it. with more time it would be fun to look at some of the other gadgets.
I currently use the google online calender with other staff. It helps a lot to kept track of tasks and to know when to schedule things without having to call first as I can see quickly if the staff member in another city is available for a meeting or even to answer the phone.
the new computers have sticky notes and I am finding those fun to use and helpful.
I am and alway have been a list maker but don't see the need to signup for a website that does what a blank sheet of paper/new document can also do.

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