Thursday, May 14, 2009

Communtication things 7

Modern communication is a funny thing. Have a child in high school or college and you are instantly thrown into the new methods of communication. Personally I have not spent time using IM and do not plan to do so. When I am done with work I do not want to spend time on my slow home computer talking to friends using IM. I still prefer that cup of tea around the kitchen table, calling on my cell phone or going for a walk and talking face to face.
Email is a constant part of my job and being the IT person I need to keep my emails coming in constantly and always on so if anyone is having problems they can get to me. I use email all day long in communicating with the branch librarians as I send them weeding lists, answer questions about the public computers. etc.
Texting is a part of my daily life since our son went to college. It is the only way to get a hold of him some days. I have also learned how easy it is to use to send family members quick messages.
I can see how these tools can be very useful in the library situtation when you have enough staff and equipment to them. Since our library branches are all small rural towns some places are still just getting good cell phone receptation. There is one small branch where my cell phone will not even work in the building and I bought a new phone that was suppose to work there. So there are still many limits to this new technology.
ONE FUNNY SIDE LINE: in 2001 I was in Tanazina on a mission trip and saw a goat herder out side of Arusha wearing the native Maassi blanket (worn like a cape) using a cell phone as he watched out for his flock yet when we got to our village the telephone was covered with a dollie because it seldom rang. In fact we only heard it once in three months.

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