Thursday, May 14, 2009

Checking back on my things 4,5

Today I am caught up with my projects or waiting for others staff member to finish their tasks before I can move on with my current projects so this is a good time to get back to looking at this project. In reading through the list I can see that I have been doing a number of the things as part of my daily work.
I see that in my last post I uploaded a picture from our library. Since then I have been using a digital camera at home and uploading my pictures to my home computer. I choose not to put my pictures on Flicker. Guess I am a more private person. What I do though is send pictures to my husband's computer so he can upload the pictures of our son to his Ipod. I also have discovered that using a digital camera with an old computer does not work. It has filled my harddrive to the point of making other work slow and hard. I am planning to move all pictures to an external harddrive. So that is thing 4 & 5.

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